#16 ‘The Girl With All the Gifts’ and Other Things Not Making Me Happy

Hi there, Damien Riley here. Welcome to my podcast I started in 2010. In this episode, I share updates from my life as well as movies I have seen recently. This episode signals my move to make this podcast more of an active project in my life. I hope you’ll check back and share the fun with me!

Charlie Ray La Pat recorded my Snippets. Thanks Charlie!

Okay, let’s start with the movies I’ve seen lately. There are 3 and I wasn’t fond of any. It happens.

Second and finally, welcome to my brain and my world! Get yourself a strong coffee and get ready!

Finally, I say goodbye and give a teaser about how this show will be good for you next time 🙂

Hope you’ll tune in next time to the Damien Riley Podcast.