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Divergent – 5/5 stars

Imagine a world where you were placed in a job that your genes dictated. That’s what happens in Divergent. This was a recent bestselling novel that has been adapted for the screen. If you like the Hunger Games you will … Continue reading

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Mr. Peabody & Sherman – 4/5 stars

Anyone from Generation X (my generation I should add) is likely to remember Rocky and Bullwinkle on television where you’d hear Bullwinkle open by saying “Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.” That was the show … Continue reading

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Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer (Documentary Review)

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:28 — 3.2MB) The lives of three young women and why they became punk revolutionaries is the main idea of this “Pussy Riot: a Punk Prayer” documentary. It’s a real situation and … Continue reading

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Riddick (Movie Review)

I saw Riddick today with my son and I must say: it rocked! It had all the fun elements of the first movie, Pitch Black, with less of the boring things that slowed The Chronicles of Riddick down last time. Continue reading

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Meek’s Cutoff (Movie Review)

Because it is missing the conventions of a mainstream western, it’s tempting to write it off. On the other hand, when you look deeply into the simplicity of it, Meek’s Cutoff has a lot to say about being human. Continue reading

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Grown Ups 2 (Movie Review)

The four-square poster reads: Sandler, James, Rock, Spade. This is probably because they are the biggest names. After them however you have a cast of thousands and everyone is funny. That sounds like the recipe for any Adam Sandler movie. … Continue reading

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Man of Steel (Movie Review)

It’s just another overly patriotic (to the point of sappy) Independence Day/GI Joe formula. I wanted a modern telling of Superman but it was a bait and switch. It’s doing well at the box office. I hear there are plans of a sequel. Perhaps this is what the movie going public wants to see. Continue reading

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Oz the Great and Powerful (Movie Review)

Lower your standards for acting and dialog but not for CGI and cinematography. It started very slow and laborious but the middle and end were actually a lot of fun. Continue reading

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Bless Me, Ultima (Movie Review)

This movie doesn’t require special effects and moments that make you jump out of your seat. It loses no points from me for appearing quaint. It is heartfelt in painting a rural mexican boy’s coming of age, with the help of his curandera, Ultima. Continue reading

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Life of Pi (Movie Review)

Those who believe in God will find a warmth in this film that may strengthen their beliefs. At the same time, despite the amazing cinematography, atheists and shades in between will enjoy only that: a big screen version of Nat Geo HDTV. All will be entertained but no philosophies will be turned either way. Continue reading

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