Good Habits Over Time

Habits have one thing in common with diseases: some are harder to get rid of than others. We can persist in bad eating habits, poor habits of conversation, habit of lacking empathy, distorted thoughts, and so on. Bad habits can erode our health and quality of life. It has been said that kicking a bad habit will take nearly as long as it took to form the habit in the first place. This is something we should remember when kicking bad habits or practicing new ones. Meditation is one habit I have been pursuing the in the latter part of the Summer. I have gone back to Herbert Benson’s The Relaxation Response. After just a couple weeks, I feel it beginning to take as a habit. I’m not going to give up my practice at it though. I want to see the full benefit of healing what stress has done over the course of decades.

If you are beginning good habits like exercise or meditation, don’t give up. Stay at it. The healing may not be immediate. You got yourself into some trouble and it may take a long amount of time to begin healing that trouble. Be faithful at your good habits. They will heal and strengthen over time.

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Damien Riley

I was born in 1969, not quite a hippie but I share some of their cultural sensitivities, like peace. I'm a married teacher and online diarist with 3 kids. I also play guitar and write songs. With every post I throw another pebble into the lake letting the universe know I'm here, listening.

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