Huell Howser Regular Guy PBS Host Dies at 67

CA.0721.huell-howserHuell Howser had a dramatic impact on me. In fact, his style of television encouraged me to start blogging. I grew up in Mission Viejo California in the 80′s and 90′s and his PBS show, California Gold, gave me reason for pause. I remember feeling so attentive and relaxed whenever it would come on. Howser was not your typical TV host either. He seemed truly inspired by the California locations he would visit. He shared that inspiration with his viewers. I ran across this serious and comic Tweet today:

Huell was so polite to those he was interviewing. I don’t know if he was a historian but it’s likely the show made him one. We all got to appreciate the hidden gems of California and we got the tours from a humble and awe-struck guy. He appreciated everywhere he went and that awe was contagious. I can recall when I started blogging way back in 2000 I imagined how Huell Howser might write a blog post. I’ve felt the wonder of communicating through the medium of video (Youtube) and text (Blogging). Even now I am reminded that a “regular guy” approach is the best for me. Though his PBS show was in small circulation, Howser’s influence will resonate for decades with thousands of people including me.

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