Kroc, Disney, Serling & Vision

From birth each person has vision. I’m of course talking about inner vision that drives the spirit of a person. What intrigues me most about people is when they follow vision all the way to leaving something behind. Some examples are Walt Disney and Rod Serling.

I’ve written about visionaries before and since I’m enjoying Disneyland tomorrow I thought I write an undisciplined series on the visionaries that I have come to respect most in my life. When you have a vision of how things could be better your feelings for your fellow man are revealed. Why the heck should you share your vision with the world? Other people cheat you, steal, and otherwise hurt you as well as each other. So why bother? This is the most perplexing question I have ever faced. Perhaps enjoying Disney’s vision tomorrow will give me some clue as to what my answer is. Do you have a vision but are not sure if people of the world are worth sharing it with? You’re not alone.


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Damien Riley

I was born in 1969, not quite a hippie but I share some of their cultural sensitivities, like peace. I'm a married teacher and online diarist with 3 kids. I also play guitar and write songs. With every post I throw another pebble into the lake letting the universe know I'm here, listening.

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