The Babadook

4/5 stars
23BABADOOK2-articleLargePossession horror is a category that’s been around for a long time, at least since the 70’s when “Damien the Omen” became a household word. I’ve noticed a comeback recently in these films and I’m really not impressed by it. I have to respect the majority though and these films do very well at the box office. Not much has been done with horror/psychology. The Babadook delves into that and I found it very interesting. It presents as a typical possession film “Don’t let him in,” but in the end we are left with questions about the psychology of grief, fear, love, and indeed courage. It’s one of those where you may think you know what s happening but after another scene you redefine things. That makes for a puzzle that is never fully put together but you can make a lot of conclusions about what it could be.

The BabadookThe story is about a single mother who has lost her husband in a terrible car crash. Their child was also in the car but only the father died. The mother is reading a book she found in the recesses of an old house she lives in with her son. She reads it to her son at bedtime, it’s called “Mister Babadook.” It has a sort of Tim Burton style to it and it’s a popup book. The Babadook, as he is called, wreaks all sorts of havoc on the mother and child. This is the premise. In the end we are left wondering where he came from and is it indeed true, as the book says, that you cannot get rid of him. It has some conventional haunted house scares but most the suspense is built through the storytelling. I’ve always found that sort of film much more scary than a slasher or pop-up type. It could have explained more however so for that reason I give this horror film a 4/5.


I don’t know what it is about me but I thrive on not working, swimming, and going fun places. The Summer allows me to do all that stuff. My Summer is coming soon, 33 school days to be exact. I’ve started since Cgrustmas do be regular at my writing habit. Since then I’ve added more weekly emphasis on songwriting and posting simple recordings. If I can pull that off while working, imagine what I can di over the Summer. Then again, relaxation is a bit of work in and of itself so perhaps I’ll stay at the sane pace but it will be Summer inspired.

It’s odd having a kid who’s nearly 17. He has a girlfriend and a job. It seems like I have a new adult living in my house. We don’t fight as much as he seems to be getting more honest. My daughters are beautiful and lazy. I don’t think their room has been fully cleaned up since about 2009. My wife and I are so proud of all our kids, and our finances. We used to be broke and desperate but after years of college and working, we are finally in a very good place. For me, teaching allows me to pursue my creative passions and I have several! Even though public education is restructuring and that can feel like a squeeze, this is the best job I could have picked. I even think it’s better than being a full time musician.

Blog Safari 4-23-2015

Giraffes_at_west_midlands_safari_parkThese are some amazing blog posts by other people I read last week. Check them out!

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Responsibility – A to Z of Self Leadership — Everyday Gyaan Responsibility – A to Z of Self Leadership — Everyday Gyaan. Corinne must be reading my mal. Either that or her words are universal. I had a struggle today I had to work through and this post really helped me find a way. Give this one a read.

Mindfulness Meditation — Everyday Gyaan Mindfulness Meditation — Everyday Gyaan. This is a short thought from Corinne with an amazing infographic that has a step by step to get you into a mindfulness meditation setting.

Fast Food In Chennai — Everyday Gyaan Fast Food In Chennai — Everyday Gyaan.

Two for Tuesday: The Mindbenders | The Sound of One Hand Typing Two for Tuesday: The Mindbenders | The Sound of One Hand Typing.

I’m Just Sharing » Social Media Can’t Be Your Only Marketing I’m Just Sharing » Social Media Can’t Be Your Only Marketing.

Be Deliberate with Conviction

tumblr_nayz0badVw1srtllio1_1280The world is full of people, some of them are aimless while others have lofty ambition. It’s hard to know where to fit in. I like to think of myself as the latter but I see so many aimless people that seem happy in this world. Life is simple if you are lucky enough to be stupid. Sometimes when you start to doubt yourself, I think it’s good advice to be deliberate with conviction. In running, they refer to this as “keeping your head down.” Looking to the left or right can cost you seconds or even minutes in the race. Being deliberate means concentrating on everything you do, don’t leave anything up to chance or accident. Having conviction means believing in your choices. Starting with simple ones like waking up and putting one pant leg on at a time is being deliberate with conviction. As the day begins to unfurl and things are less simple, remember the mantra to “be deliberate with conviction.”

Eventually you’ll get back into the clip and life will be more automatic again. Until you get there, you can control things. If you are like me, it is easy to be distracted from what you want to accomplish. Focusing on those simple goals deliberately with conviction is a way to stay on target. Perhaps there is something you want to do to bring clarity and success to your life. Sketch a simple plan and then stay on target. Your dream can come true. The simpler the dream the better. Complex success is just the result of a lot, and I mean a lot, of deliberate actions done with conviction over time. Some people don’t recognize opportunity because it comes disguised as hard work. Being deliberate with conviction is hard work but anyone can do it.

On People Who Claim they Love Their Jobs

This is a rant! I hate when people say they love what they do so much to the point of extreme, ad nauseum infinitum. Sometimes I love my job and sometimes I hate it. I’m still worthy of listening to. In fact, I think my story is more honest than theirs. Most the world doesn’t love their jobs that way, not even Harvard graduates. Let’s talk about what to do when you hate your job, that’s a lot more valuable than some fare thee well basking in the glory of what she/he does.

Today I had a crappy day at work. Everything that could go wrong did. I felt overwhelmed at dismissal. I tried not to think about work all afternoon. After I rested though, I had the impulse to renovate, create, and innovate the way I do things. I have a practice of writing with a sharpie on a big piece of cardboard solutions in my classroom. I ended up making a schematic of my classroom that is radically different. When things are going well, I won’t brag about how much I love my job. Instead I will brag about how I fought to make it better.