Be Tenacious and Have Patience

be tenacious When you’re young, everyone tells you the good stuff is worth waiting for. Of course, no one wants to hear that while young, we want the good stuff now! It’s a law of nature: easy come, easy go. Take vitamins for instance. You can take vitamins for weeks without noticing a difference. In fact, they may be making a difference you aren’t ever able to notice by the way you feel. I started a vitamin regimen about 6 months ago that was pretty ambitious. In includes a multi as well as some additional supplements based on the USRDA that I self-diagnosed myself as needing. When I set out to buy them at CVS I was overjoyed to find that all vitamins and supplements were buy one/get one free! I made out like a bandit. Continue reading

What I Learned from the Old Couple Fighting in Front of Me

cute-old-couple (1)I was driving down a main highway when I stopped at a red light with an old couple apparently fighting in front of me. I saw the man waving his hands while the woman was shaking her fist at him. I was glad to not be in that car but as close as I was, I felt it. Fighting sucks. My parents used to fight quite a bit and my wife and I carry on the tradition on occasion. Nobody likes a fight, unless it’s a vent. I’ve learned through the years in my work with children, in my marriage, and in my everyday dealings in life that sometimes people are just venting. Continue reading

Somewhere Only We Go

tumblr_n8s3nfIIW21qi73s5o1_1280Vacations are overrated. Sometimes we think if we don’t get away, we’ll burst! The truth is, while vacations have their place, mental vacations can happen new every day for very minimal cost. We are entering into a time when there is a constant threat of disaster. Whether it’s a tornado, an earthquake, or even just the real final stages of a drought. You may not be able to get away for a much needed vacation. Furthermore, the economy is ever uncertain. Where do you find your sense of assurance? If you’re smart, you’ll develop a mental getaway in your mind. Feel free to use places around you that you enjoy but base the experience in your imagination. If you were captured and put in a cell, how would you keep your sanity? What if you had a mental getaway fostered in your mind? No prison bars can hold you. Continue reading

Frogs and Me


When we were kids we’d catch frogs and have all kinds of fun with them . We were small and they represented something smaller than us. Polliwogs were even smaller still. I remember seeing some that had legs budding out from their black teardrop bodies. It was a marvel even Nova couldn’t capture.

Frogs were friendly and we were not afraid. They weren’t afraid of us either. It was like a cosmic bond. I would hold a frog on the palm of my hand and watch its bulbous eyes blink. We had some bad neighbors with kids who tied up frogs by their legs and shot them with BB guns. This was horrific. I’ll always see frogs as calm, loving creatures that populate the watery marshes of the earth. This is a photo of one I found in my Dad’s pool.

Value People

PeoplePeople make life interesting. They are each a color on the palette of life. Don’t get me wrong, I can get my fill of people. When that happens, I pull back into solitude. Still, I have a constant curiosity about what people I know are doing and dreaming. I think this keeps every day fresh. All one has to do is scroll down the news feed of Facebook to see some of these dreams. I must read a dozen or so quotes, humorous photos, and recaps of peoples’ days every time I visit Facebook. That’s not to mention the other places I visit online like Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr, and online diaries I read. I have done the research and the results are in: People make life interesting.

Offline stories are accessible too, though not as easily. When I happen to stand and talk to a colleague at work longer than 30 seconds, I hear inspiration, mystique, and (yes) drama. These are the subjects we pay to go see at the movies! The truth is, they’re all around us. I think we should view people as our greatest source. What if we sought out people and their stories instead of money, fame, power, and all the things we seem hell bent on chasing after. I heard a slogan a long time ago and it was probably bullshit: “We put people before profits.” Even still, I can use that as my own and make it not bs. If you have a choice today to dwell on intangibles, choose to connect with people. I realize this may be a personality thing but I feel so strongly we would all be better off if we values other people more.


8230938071_29d209d48c_zIt’s still warm enough to take a dip in the pool. I often swim at night and it’s a mystical experience. Almost like a drug, the cold water takes over my consciousness. I get 3D ideas in that pool. I complain sometimes to people about how much trouble a pool can be, not to mention expensive. The chemicals are often $200/month. But that’s beside the point, the payoff is of religious proportions.

Night swimming represents freedom. I have the freedom to dive in a swim laps in the near dark pool. The element of water engulfing ones body may be part of the mystique. We are born from water and maybe swimming gives us that reborn feeling because of that. Then there’s the dark. I know in my head the pool is clear but as I glide through the unlit water I brace for something. Maybe I’ll get a vision to live the rest of my life enlightened. Even a night pool could do that, I have faith that it could.

Squeezing Fall

Fall9genyhubAround October of every year I get this creepy yet good feeling that Fall is here. I used to really know it was Autumn because we had a huge tree in our front yard that would shed it’s colorful leaves all over our unassuming cul-de-sac. But we had that chopped and grinded down for neighbor reasons and now I rely on the other signals that Summer is in the rear view mirror with that spooktacular on the horizon.I hear the wind blow through the trees like good medicine. It’s giving me a second chance to take care of myself. Even witches who love this time of year more than anyone say this is the time when the Earth renews itself. Even though I’ll be giving up swimming in my pool in a month or so, pumpkin candies fill the void. I’ll probably watch a few horror movies I haven’t seen this year as well.”You’re Next” has been interesting to me for a while.

Continue reading

The Kids Go With Us

Thursdays have become our coveted date night. We get out of the house, put some sweet tunes on in the car and spend a few hours doing something special just Sarah and I. We learned at a marriage retreat that routines are good insurance policies. In other words, banking good times on a regular basis can help your relationship weather the storm. But this one was different. Our 16 year old son, and built in babysitter, has a job now. He was unable to babysit our girls. So, we decided to bring them with. Continue reading

Words vs Pictures

The family in Vegas on a 3 day getaway.Photos are so great. I look at my family photos and get chills recalling the things we have done. I am so fortunate as to have been able to collect and keep thousands of them through the years. My dad was a real shutterbug. He had an enlarger and developing chemicals in our garage when I was a kid. I would later use them for myself. As a kid, you never saw something cooler than something they call a “black light.” I guess I picked up some of those shutterbug traits because I now have a DSLR I use for photos along with my iphone. I have to say I am guilty of not using the DSLR enough. The iphone takes darned good photos. Still, the DSLR takes markedly better ones so I need to discipline myself to use it more. The kids won’t be kids forever. Continue reading

Walk Across the Room, Earn a Million

Lately my goals seem to have changed. I used to see how hard I could work to make the most money. Nowadays I am set on making more money while doing less work! Now, this may sound lazy at first but ultimately I am ten times more productive when I have what I call productivity “tricks.” I imagine Warren Buffet used to burn the midnight oil, now he burns Cuban cigars. I’m positive he makes more money doing that than he ever did in his young buck days. This is what I am seeking in my own life’s work. Continue reading

No One Cares. No Revelation.

417480_10150702339031117_532090009_nRead this post sarcastically, but there is some deeper truth here as well. That is true of most sarcasm I think.

I wish I could stomp out the depression I feel sometimes. When I sense things are getting heavy, I’ve learned to have an ice cream cone or something like that to cheer myself up. I don’t get depressed very much. However, when I sense that someone doesn’t care about me or something I have done or made, I admit it takes me down a notch. This is really pointless and I need to work on it. After all, when you look at how much people DONT show caring for others, why should I see myself as any different? Continue reading


Every time I look at my phone it’s 9:09, or 1:11, etc. The same numbers. My wife says I’m crazy so I’m not telling her anymore >:) The mothership may be sending me messages so if you don’t see me one day, remember this post. 9 is an interesting number. It feels like one short. Nobody can take a girl on a date with 9 bucks but ten makes it sound doable.

The month and year are both 9’s today. That means we are on the verge, the precipice, the balcony of something great. Continue reading

The Inconvenient Warranty Return

extended-car-warrantyDo you ever live with a defective product that is under warranty because you’re too busy or too lazy to take it back? I’ve been having that experience with my car lately. The blue tooth freezes up all the time which makes it impossible to use hands free calling. This was one of the “selling points” that sold me on this car. I can only imagine what they would do to it. I figure it needs a new “brain” and who knows how long that could take to swap out.

I wish I was independently wealthy sometimes so I could wait around to have things fixed that are under warranty. I swear these companies make a killing on warranties because the working class hero doesn’t have time to hold them to it and return the broken stuff. I am sure one Saturday I will have my wife drive me to the dealer where I will fll out paperwork and wait a spell. I will probably ask the question, “How long?” and he will answer me “Hard to say.” Can you tell I’ve done this before. I’m the kid of guy who if I can I will fix it with duct tape or a coat hanger. This computerized digital “screen” sound system is way out of my “rig it” league. Meanwhile, the usb drive works so I still have my awesome tunes. I’ll enjoy them on the road to and from work and hope my wife doesn’t call. In that case, I might have to get a ticket. I wonder if a good lawyer could get the dealer to pay the fine? Nahhh, they’re not that smart.

The Waiting Years

tumblr_m4piw0IuDI1r0mn2co1_500I have a question for you, especially the younger readers: Do you think we get better when we get older? I think some do and some don’t. I remember the 80’s movie, “Peggy Sue Got Married” where the dork of the class ended up being a rich and famous inventor. I drew a parallel to that character in high school because I was spindly legged and dorky in some ways. I would be 27 years of age before I met a steady girlfriend. I think I was definitely a late bloomer. Still, it was good in so many ways that I waited to have relationships because I matured in those “waiting years.” We all have a story, or we will have one someday. Someone once said the 30’s is the decade where you really grow into your own skin. That was certainly true for me. The 40’s are the time to sit back and enjoy the spoils! That is, until they run out. We should always be preparing. Continue reading

Fascination and the Good that Comes from it

1961 Remco FASCINATION Maze Game Vintage 1960s BI’m tech at my school so I always get people asking for tips and advice on how to use technology. I always tell them, “Play with it.” Through play we lose fears and inhibitions and we become fascinated with things. I learn more through fascination than I do through reading the owner’s manual.

In a similar way, I think we are healthier when we are in a trance of fascination. Instead of fearing a doctor’s visit, looking around inquisitively in the waiting room and finding a fascination with the process that is going to keep them healthy. I think fear and fascination are polar opposites, in fact. One cancels out the other. Continue reading