I am Doing Well to Some Degree

IAB_CL1_PX01476This is a meme I’ve started doing called Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Today’s theme is “degree/degrees.”
It is not what plagues on but to what degree. After a routine cavity is filled I always see a homeless man with dentures that don’t fit (or something like that). His degree of tooth decay is far worse than mine. Another time I might think my blog is worthy of awards. At that time I read about Matt Mullenwegg who was a co-founder of WordPress and who makes his fortune now on Open Source ie; free technology. To what degree of success would you say HIS “blog” has made it? I tell my students when they compete and fail that there is always going to be someone above you as well as someone below. Shoot for your personal bests in everything you do. Continue reading

Grandma Knows Best

cosbyA friend of mine told me the funniest story one time about how kids are self-centered and that makes them extremely funny. It’s also a testimony to the wisdom of grandparents. Apparently, her granddaughter was in the process of becoming potty trained and every time she’d “make” her parents would praise her and sometimes give her a treat for the act. Well one day she did her business and asked her parents to look at her creation. The father said “good job” the mother said, “Sweetie I am so proud of you.” Even the older siblings stopped by to say “Wow!” Then the father flushed the toilet. The young girl began to cry and pout, stating she wanted grandma to see it. Her parents told her to get over it but she persisted. Continue reading

Halloween 8 Years Ago – at the Stanford House

2006there was a time that any year in the 2000s sounded futuristic,like 2006. Stankey Kubrick’s A Space Odyssey was only 2001 for goodness sake. For this Throwback Thursday post, I went through some old photos and decided to write on this one. It’s my lovely wife and I on Halloween 8 years ago. We lived in a rental on a street called Stanford. Oh and get this, it was at the corner of Stanford and Yale. The college names are fitting because we learned so much there. What it amounted to was just a little more about parenting and marriage along life’s open road. Continue reading

Devil That You Know

Snapshot 1 (10-18-2014 3-25 PM)Just busted this one out. Creepy sounds with the word Devil in the song, Just in time for Halloween.
It was inspired by the idiom:
better the devil you know (than the devil you don’t)
something that you say to mean it is better to deal with a person or thing you know, even if you do not like them, than to deal with a new person or thing who could be even worse

Continue reading

Steady She Goes

appleWelcome to another Manic Monday with my last week’s posts and a blurb going forward.

Here’s my posts from last week:

Now for the weekly blurb:

What can I say. I am taking on a lot. I hope i can keep up the blogging pace because this is awesome. If my blog is a ship, I say “Steady she goes.” Here are the waters I navigate every week:

Mon – tag: Manic Monday – Write a short post about what’s coming up for the week or a quick week/weekend post review.
Tue – Straight up Online Diary or Movie Review.
Wed – tag: Wordless Wednesday
Thu – Straight up Online Diary or Movie Review. (can: Throwback Thursday)
Fri – tag: Friday Funny, Flickr Friday, or Straight up Online Diary or Movie Review.
Sat – tag: Stream of Consciousness Saturday
Sun – category: Blogging tag: Blog Safari, Silent Sunday

Blog Safari Sunday 10-19-14

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlog Safari Sunday is a speedlinking series where I feature other peoples’ great blog posts that I really like.

Shapes Elicit Emotion

mudflaps-girl-image-optThis post links back to its blog challenge: Stream of Consciousness Saturday This week’s challenge is to write in a stream of consciousness way about the word “shape.”

In the original Halloween screenplay, Mike Myers was not referred to as a person but rather “the shape.” I find this interesting because shapes influence our emotions. A shadow growing closer can really freak a person out. Shapes are not people, they are unidentified waling objects. Darth Vader’s helmet is a dark shape. Continue reading

I Got to Thinking About Boiled Eggs

humpty-dumpty..My daughter Isabella is a very curious little 9 year old. The other day she said something hilarious. She came in to the living room where my wife and I were on our laptops and asked if she could make a hard boiled egg. My wife chuckled, knowing Bella had never made a hard boiled egg yet in her lifetime. We agreed to teach her how to do it and she actually made one for her mother and her sister. They came out great. I peeled them because I was worried her hard work would have been in vain if she peeled the whites off the yolk. They were textbook boiled eggs. That was when I asked her a question. Continue reading