Damien Riley is a blog film critic and online diarist with an MA in English: Language, Writing, and Rhetoric from California State University, Fullerton. He’s also a credentialed teacher. He shares movie reviews and bits of his life here. Damien has lifelong experience playing guitar and piano in bands professionally. He’s married and has 3 children. Last but not least he has two dogs, Gizmo & Chewy, & a cat named Tiana.

At the movies!

His blog gets its name from:

“Grand Central Station: Any place that is overcrowded and busy; mob scene: My office was like Grand Central Station this morning.”


In addition to blogging, he’s written a song or two. Here are some of his original songs on Youtube.

PPS Here is a link to his memoirs published in his first book.

email Damien at rileycentral (at) gmail (dot) com

Here’s a quote Damien read in a college art class that makes a lot of sense to him and the art he makes:

“If you take any activity, any art, any discipline, any skill – take it and push it as far as it will go, push it beyond where it has ever been before, push it to the wildest edges of edges, then you force it into the realm of magic.” -Tom Robbins

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Updated 7/12/2017