Positive Self-Talk in Uncertain Times

I’ve talked with two people this past week who are frightened about the future. I heard that a local city was laying off 22 police officers and there are stories daily that come from my work’s “gossip mill” talking about the fiscal crisis affecting my state. Several friends I know have been laid off. No one knows how it will affect the future but I am positive the changes are not over yet.

Change can be scary. It’s hard to navigate your mood through waters that rise and fall and threaten to break your boat in two. You can try making an elaborate plan that involves creating a personal acronym or something involved like that. -or- There is something very simple and less time consuming you can do to weather the storm out: positive self-talk.

The best way I know how to stay positive through times like these is to live in the now.Never look farther than 48 hours ahead. Long term goals are fine but you can get so nervous worried about the short term that your long term goals become irrelevant. Instead, set short-term goals and imagine that is all you have left. It may sound morbid but it really does work as a mental device for me. There are so many things out of our control that affect our destiny but don’t lose sight of the key things that are in our control. Try these mantras if you are having a tough time staying cool:

I am taking the time to do every project the best I possibly can.

I am trustworthy.

I have good intentions.

I aim to do right by my contributions.


Can you think of a few positive self-talk mantras to get you through the tough times?

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Damien Riley

I was born in 1969, not quite a hippie but I share some of their cultural sensitivities, like peace. I'm a married teacher and online diarist with 3 kids. I also play guitar and write songs. With every post I throw another pebble into the lake letting the universe know I'm here, listening.

5 thoughts on “Positive Self-Talk in Uncertain Times”

  1. i am agree with you.positive attitude is must.self confidence and positive attitude is the main aspect of better life.thanx for sharing your ideas and views.

  2. Great post, attitude and optimism including positive thinking are keys to survival and combating depression and malaise.

    Hey, I noticed you put your EC widget back on, you should do a post behind your decision to relist it.

  3. My mantra is usually “Ok, Breathe!” haha, but trying to stay with a positive mindset really is crucial. When I’m feeling exceptionally negative, I try to find something funny to read like a joke or blog post or I watch a little YouTube. A little laughing usually works for me.

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