Exploratory Endurance of Youth

524764_10150810154871117_452054916_nAs you get into your mid forties, like I am, you find yourself longing to fo some things you could only do as a slightly younger man. I miss never having to work out and still feeling great. I miss my old diet where I would eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight . I miss a lot of other things as well but there is one thing I really lament the loss of. I used to be able to waste endless hours on end without think about time. That’s how I learned to play guitar, code websites, and how I learned the wily wacky ways of the beatnik poets. As a teacher and dad now I can’t burn the midnight oil like I used to. I remember drinking coffee all night long sometimes just to add tags to my blog posts, or do some other exploratory experiment that most the time yielded little results. Continue reading Exploratory Endurance of Youth

Remembering to Make Time for Nothing

As some of you may recall, I use Remember the Milk to track my tasks. For years I have used it for work and blogging tasks. A while backĀ I added “health” to the tag mix. I schedule in exercise and meditation time which gets emailed to me in reminders multiple times a day. That’s right, I am remembering to tend to my health. It’s far more valuable than dairy anyway. People make time for tasks every day. How many people make time for nothing? Continue reading Remembering to Make Time for Nothing

The Adventure and the Way Home

imageThe adventure and the way home is different for every person. Even your wife can’t really know the way. She has hers and that’s all she needs to worry about. As I sit in Starbucks blogging away with a Misto at my side and Neil Young melting the room with his harmonica, I think this is pretty close to mine. Years ago when I started working I remember when going into a busy season my boss told us we needed to know what makes us calm and happy because the business was going to stress us all out. He was telling us to find a way home and remember the way. When we know what relaxes and energizes us, we can default back to it when we need to. It can be a restaurant, a piece of music, a calm picturesque place. In the Summer, my way home is the beach. The only rub is that it’s far and that makes it hard to be spontaneous. Continue reading The Adventure and the Way Home

Make it Happen Let it Happen

tumblr_n8us58Y0Bk1qzr04eo1_500The age old debate of free will vs destiny still rages on today. I believe both have their place. You can’t sit around waiting for someone or something to show you the way. You’ll be sitting too long and when the lines start appearing on your face they’ll have no stories apart from the laziness that made up your life. On the other hand, I don’t believe you can push your hand too aggressively and get the natural results you dream about. Success takes time and premature success can be an ugly albatross around your neck. Balance is the secret to happiness in life. When your dreams don’t materialize right away, you need to be string enough to sleep and keep plugging away another day. You must do this for as long as it takes if you want to achieve your dreams. Continue reading Make it Happen Let it Happen

Keep it Simple

tumblr_mz6r11SMyj1r1iv4bo1_500If you only know three chords on the guitar, hit them with all you’ve got. Jazz chords sound good but when it comes to singalongs, 3 simple chords draw the group together. You might compare this to life. Instead of going out and joining a gym, why not do pushups, situps, and walk around your neighborhood each day. We make excuses for not starting to get healthy and before we know it, disease develops. As a teacher, I hear a lot about what kids can’t do because of various excuses. Why not focus of what you can do, I tell this to my 10 year old students. A visual example is an eraser. If a 4th grade student doesn’t have an eraser, she/he can become preoccupied with this fact. They won’t write a word more until they have a way to erase mistakes. Instead of giving these kids an eraser, I tell them to cross out the mistake and get to writing. I see a real parallel to how I handle tasks in life. I wait until I have the perfect computer to get into blogging. I wait until I have enough money to splurge before I shop. It’s a better road when you keep it simple and start down the road toward your dreams right now. Continue reading Keep it Simple