Don’t Give Negative People Your Energy

imageWhen someone wrongs me, I am usually tempted to get back at the person. There was an editorial written in our local paper recently about teachers . It was negative, braggart, and incorrect in most of its facts. It got a lot of teachers I know very angry. Some posted on Facebook they were canceling their subscription to the paper as a result of it. Is it rational to blame a paper for publishing an editorial? I say no. People are capable of reading for themselves and deciding if the article makes sense or not. Editorials have no burden of proof. The only reason they would try to be truthful would be to gain more intellectual readers which this writer clearly does not care to do. So should we give this writer and his message our energy? I say no. if there is a practical way to set the facts straight, that would be a rational approach and reaction. If not, let it be Continue reading Don’t Give Negative People Your Energy

The Unplanned Day

imageI don’t think any of us would do the hard work “grownup” things in life unless there were some reward. As a teacher it can be easy to forget that students need incentives. Do you give yourself incentives? We should be looking for the things that recharge our batteries all the time. It can be a favorite snack, though this doesn’t work all that well if you’re on a diet. It could be a device of some sort if you’re a techie like me. It could even be a visit to your favorite place. Whatever it is, give yourself rewards as you go along your warpath, whatever it may be. Without them, you’ll get discouraged and that is the worst state you can be in while alive. Continue reading The Unplanned Day

I Don’t Sell Vanilla Here

imageI’ve been using my bluetooth folding keyboard to write blog posts for about a week now. It is not, of course, the most fluid of entryways yet but I am confident a little time and effort will be worth. I can sit down anywhere and blog. I got to thinking about how limiting a desk or a sofa can be for a blogger. This keyboard enables me to be at Starbucks while composing my next “gem.” You needn’t have your bulky laptop anymore. Bloggers who stay with it have lots of tricks to get the job done. I won’t list mine but trust me I have some humdingers I couldn’t live without. Tricks and contraptions like a folding mobile keyboard help me get my words out as they manifest. That’s what makes a blogger great, when they can produce something pure on an ongoing basis. That’s the kind of blogger I want to read. We don’t sell vanilla here. That’s the kind of blogger I aspire to be. Continue reading I Don’t Sell Vanilla Here

McFarland, USA

5/5 stars
UMG_cvrart_00050087322762_01_RGB72_1500x1500_15DMGIM05949.200x200-75Bless Me Ultima contains a telling quote from a father to a son. “Understanding comes through living life.” McFarland, USA shows us that truth as well in a similar Hispanic California town. Everyone learns in this film, especially the teacher. It’s the story of a washed up football coach who loses his temper with a student and gets fired. He manages to find a job in a remote fruit picking town when he bounces back and takes a group of impoverished runners and makes them champions. It is reminiscent of Mi Familia and La Bamba in the way it portrays Mexican culture in California. I laughed, I cried, I myself learned along with the characters. Most of all, I gained understanding. Continue reading McFarland, USA

Love Allowed Here

tumblr_mqf5cau04C1qz4d4bo1_500Trust is a moving target. You can’t hit it if you require proof. Trusting in people is one of the highest callings and attributes. Do you know how good it feels to be really trusted. Unfortunately, these are dark days. Due to the bad economy, bosses are throwing their employees to the wolves. People are becoming less and less trusting of one another. It’s sad and sick what it’s doing to humans these days. What’s the cure? Daring to be an example of one who trusts. Continue reading Love Allowed Here