I was blown away by this. Kudos to that marching band and their conductor for performing what I consider a miraculous audio/visual presentation.

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Will Says What?

article-2699905-1FD809D800000578-581_634x505Recently, trending and somewhat scandalous stories report that the late Philip Seymour Hoffman refused to create a trust fund for his three children who are all very young. What did he do with his reported 36 million dollar fortune and estate? Get ready for this folks: He gave it to their mother to raise them with! He also included a firm request that his son be raised in Manhattan. Oh, the inhumanity.

While that sounds a bit odd as a wish for a child, it must be noted there is nothing strange or selfish about not leaving his money to his kids in a trust fund. This is just another case of a hack reporter grasping at a headline, a name that will push her/his story to a trending status and assure them a pat on the head by her/his editor. Carry on! What do you make of this trending story? Should it be trending? Do you find it interesting?

Great Relationship Movies Aren’t Always Romantic

CyrusCyrus is a lot like the film Step Brothers except that it’s serious and the protagonist and antagonist are not family. It’s a simple little story about power and step-parenting. As I say that, please know that the character played by Jonah Hill is no child, he’s 22 years old. John C. Reilly’s character is the interloper. He begins dating a woman almost instantly after meeting her and he finds out he got more than he bargained for with Cyrus. There are indications that he and his mother, played by the beautiful and wondrous Marissa Tomei, are close in an almost unhealthy way. There is no incest but you can tell Cyrus controls his mom. Like many children in single parent situations, he doesn’t want to let her date. The intensity of Reilly and Hill is incredible. It’s not a family movie and when the issues of power are performed on screen, it’s hard to know whether to laugh or shake your head in ridicule. You can see Cyrus is frightened of losing his mom but the fear is just as evident in his mom and the new suitor. Cyrus is not a typical Hollywood comedy, it’s a look at people we know, or people like them anyway. At the parties and weddings, we are participants among the dialog. There is some romance here and it is a good film for date night but I romance is not the backbone. It is simply part of the backdrop. And there is the question of whether the romance is healthy.

Cyrus is entertaining because it starts with a simple premise and develops an amazing script through brilliant, talented actors. It’s not a “la la la” blockbuster film because it is different and simpler than those. I liked it though and I give it a perfect 5/5 because of the raw simple reasons I have stated. It delivers and fulfills what it aims to be: a people study. It’s one of the best movies I’ve watched this Summer. There are no expensive props or CGI. If you’re in the mood for some incredible acting that holds your interest to the credits, watch Cyrus.

Hidden Treasures All Around Us

7f0ff37aecabc29a8fb5de4be5e459b8I tried preparing hand-kneaded hamburgers today for dinner and they came out great. At first, however, I struggled to get them the nice round shape you see hamburgers at say “In n Out” have. I imagined I might used a cookie cutter when lo and behold a box of cookie cutters that I had been ignoring since Christmas came in real handy! I found a perfectly round one about the size of a hamburger bun and knew these would be the real McCoy.

Junk_Fest_Teasers_052After I made the first one I  realized I could use some parchment paper (wax). Every morning when I make the kids their lunches I looked at this paper in a drawer of our kitchen but never had any use for it. I cut 6 slices out of is and used them to put under the patties. At this point I got the idea I wanted to share on the blog: You never notice some things until you need them. This can be said of people around us, landscapes, sunsets, and the like.

hamburgerBy a very simple twist of fate, I got a knock on my door from a man who was seeking discarded junk that might be worth something. He gathered some junk from my sideyard, including an old metal futon frame, and went away happy. This site right in with my topic! My hamburger experience today reminded me to accept that everything around me is there for a reason, even though I haven’t needed it yet.

Just to See Them Smile


Sometimes just a few bucks can put lifelong smiles on your kids’ faces. My wife just texted me this photo showing just such a situation. Malls all over are renting out electric transports dressed like animals. My girls are animal freaks so to ride one is probably nothing short of amazing.

I’m so pleased that my wife dished out the bucks for this. I believe said it was under $20 to rent both. Kids these days don’t play outside as much. Usually, they are playing video games. I think we should take every opportunity to make them smile away from the computer. From the looks of them in this photo, that happened today. Great job honey!


Stay in the Race - still thinking about verses. The chorus is done. Maybe this song is done. Maybe not for a record company, but me.