McFarland, USA

5/5 stars
UMG_cvrart_00050087322762_01_RGB72_1500x1500_15DMGIM05949.200x200-75Bless Me Ultima contains a telling quote from a father to a son. “Understanding comes through living life.” McFarland, USA shows us that truth as well in a similar Hispanic California town. Everyone learns in this film, especially the teacher. It’s the story of a washed up football coach who loses his temper with a student and gets fired. He manages to find a job in a remote fruit picking town when he bounces back and takes a group of impoverished runners and makes them champions. It is reminiscent of Mi Familia and La Bamba in the way it portrays Mexican culture in California. I laughed, I cried, I myself learned along with the characters. Most of all, I gained understanding. Continue reading McFarland, USA

Love Allowed Here

tumblr_mqf5cau04C1qz4d4bo1_500Trust is a moving target. You can’t hit it if you require proof. Trusting in people is one of the highest callings and attributes. Do you know how good it feels to be really trusted. Unfortunately, these are dark days. Due to the bad economy, bosses are throwing their employees to the wolves. People are becoming less and less trusting of one another. It’s sad and sick what it’s doing to humans these days. What’s the cure? Daring to be an example of one who trusts. Continue reading Love Allowed Here

Blog Safari 2-21-15

Giraffes_at_west_midlands_safari_parkThis is my Blog Safari series where I present other peoples’ posts I have enjoyed recently. If you like any of them, you should let them know through a comment or by sharing them on social media. Online Diarists are cut from a different cloth and they need your support. I think you’ll find these are excellent posts by bloggers worthy of your time.

The Late, Late, Late Movie Review – Starship Troopers | Your Family Should Have a Show.

Inspirational Quotes During Lent

An 89th Birthday Party | Wine on the Keyboard.

Memoir Writing – Write Tribe. Continue reading Blog Safari 2-21-15

Things That Others Love

imageEvery time my wife gets me out of the house to do something with her friends I always have a good time because people are mostly interesting creatures. I love finding out what people do for a living, how they came to live up here in the high desert and other insignificant particulars. So far, I haven’t met a teacher who loves blogging but I can still appreciate the many passions surrounding me. Last weekend Some of Sarah’s friends got me walking 5 miles in the Wrightwood mountains. It was awesome. I got to thinking about those walking with me. What are their hopes and dreams. Though distant at first, these people really communicated with us and that along with the endorphins made for an amazing mountain top experience with new friends. Continue reading Things That Others Love

Inspiration and the Butterfly Net

imageOkay, so I have no amazing revelations to share about the wonders of my existence. I do have some exciting news to share about a accoutrement my wife gave me for Valentine’s day. It’s a Blu-Link Folding Bluetooth keyboard. It has become the apple of my eye since I opened it yesterday. It’s not for everybody. In fact, the main reason I wanted it was to blog at Starbucks using my iphone. I’m getting into a pleasant habit of setting down my thoughts daily on both my blogs. If you don’t know, I’m a teacher and I also have a teaching blog. Some days I just don’t have the fire to blog at home and Starbucks has become a place or real inspiration and romance to do my craft. Lugging that huge laptop just isn’t very romantic. Continue reading Inspiration and the Butterfly Net