Checking Out

damien_coffee_addictThis past week was all about keeping the kids occupied while the end of the year week approached, this one.

I had to come up with a field-day game and I did a rendition of the one I did last year: water bucket cup relays.

The kids use a cup to take a cup of water across the field and then they dump it into a bucket on the other side. There are two teams and the one who fills the far bucket up the most gets a splash of all the water by good old Mr. Riley.

I started getting my classroom closed and cleaned. It’s about 75% of the way done now. It’s really a pain but I will get it done. I get checked out by my boss on Thursday and then I am OFF FOR THE SUMMER. The checklist is about 9 items.

My family is headed to Hawaii for about 2 weeks then. I am really looking forward to that. I hope it produce more relaxed and ingenious writings for YOU all out there. That’s the best I could offer since I can’t take you with me. I recorded a podcast with my friend Darren this morning. He’s in London so it was 4pm is time, 8 am mine. You can find that up soon at my movie review site: Riley on Film so watch for that. I will also announce it at Riley Central, where everything I do online gets announced.

This post is part of #weekendcoffeeshare

This week should be a final, tough push but the payoff will be brilliant. Maybe I’ll return to school a better teacher. I’m banking on that.

No Model Home As in Arizona On TV

Somehow I got the bright idea to have a party at the end of the school year … At my house which isn’t a model home in Arizona like the ones in brochures and on the cooking channel. 

I enjoy my pool and jacuzzi but I forgot that the weeds and “pickup” stuff around the backyard isn’t optimal. 
It’s not huge pressure but I’m feeling a little of it. Today was my first day to actually get out here and start making things look presentable. I have some work cut out for me.

Why do I always feel the need to share good things, like my house, my pool? Will people be critical? Will they even come? My wife has the same curse I do. When she finds something great, she has to share it. Well, we sharers find out inevitably that we often get blamed he  things aren’t as “sweet” as we promised. If I recommend a movie and it isn’t someone’s cup of tea, I am guilty they wasted their time on it. I hope my party goes well! It’s for a school staff so you think they’d be a little forgiving. 

By the way, as it relates to movie reviews, I’ve started to take a less firm, more open  minded approach to rating films. I’m learning that B movies work like Oscar winners sometimes, for some people. There’s a metaphor of life here. Now if I could just get my work party attendees to see that low rates backyards can rate just as high as model homes in Arizona on tv.

Mother’s Day Luau Style 2016

Dear diary,

I pulled together a fun tropical surprise for my wife. my favorite part was heating to pool to 85 degrees. The whole fanily is thinking waterfalls and Hawaiian beaches. We depart June 6th.

This is the winning photo I framed as Sarah’s gift. I took quite a few but this made the grade.
Lovely Sarah after the kids and I surprised her.

Breakfast as a family at Denny’s, then Sarah went to have lunch with her mom. Meanwhile, the kids and I got busy buying Hawaii luau stuff at the 99 cent store. I had been cleaning and heating the pool so it was ready for Sarah to come home and get surprised. 

Pool was 85 degrees. Sarah shared on Facebook “Damien got an A+” We are going to Hawaii in June, so the theme made sense. I took a photo of all 3 kids in the pool and sent it to a 1 hour photo. Then I put it in a frame and luckily: Sarah loved it 🙂  Diary, life is good, so much hard work is coming together. And, we have the most amazing kids.

How was your Mother’s Day out there?