What Ice Cream Were You Wanting?

For whatever reason, most of use adults elect to decline an ice cream from the ice cream truck. This sucks for many reasons but the worst of which is that we always pined for the day when we could buy ourselves whatever we want from the ice cream truck, no matter what mom and dad said. It’s like the story the “Gift of the Magi” where the wife sells her hair and the husband sells his watch only to find out neither can use the gifts they sacrificed for. Still, once in a while we all indulge I think and as I am typing here from the park today, I thought it would be an interesting entry to discuss some old favorite ice creams.

I was a carb-o-holic as a kid. I rarely chose popsicle types. The cookie chocolate chip sandwich was a staple for me.  Having said that, Bomb Pops were good and I did have them from time to time. The creamy cartoon face style like the Power Puff girls were not around when I was a kid and I usually didn’t pick the hard chocolate covered bars because once I got sick eating one. If you have a second, take a look at the photo and leave your favorites in the comments. If you really liked the topic, go ahead and write a blog post of your own. Let me know so I can check it out. It’s getting warmer out there folks! Get yourself ready for the ice cream man!

Can We Do For Others Unselfishly?

My wife had a professor who convinced her there was no altrusim. I’m not so sure. We see it in nature. An animal will risk its life pulling a wonded offspring out of the road. I’ve seen several youtube videos depicting this. Parents will take a bullet for a child, this is dicumented time and time again. I think there is an altrustic setting in the human psyche. Granted, there is almost always the motive of, “What’s in it for me?” We are shrewd beings. What’s more, we have a hard time firgetting when we have been short changed or otherwise hurt by others. Still, I allow myself to feel good about what I’m doing this afternoon. I’m attending a board neeting for my school district where the jobs of non-teachers are being discussed for the chopping block. Some teachers have said we don’t need to protect them because they have their own union and frankly, no education. 

I see it as a human issue. I want our district to stretch their budget as far as it takes to show a caring for people. After all, we exist to develop tomorrow’s citizens. Shouldn’t we model standing up for those among us. If they haven’t done anything wrong, we shouldn’t fire them. I am attending in the signature “blue” shirt which shows support for classified workers. I may even speak if the vibe is right. I don’t aim to gain anything except the comfort of the classified workers. I will fight for them to show the district they deserve to keep their jobs. You shouldn’t balance the budget by cutting people.

Would You Prefer Feeling Underwhelmed?

I remember a year or so after I got married I called my dad to vent about issues going on in the normal hectic pattern of chaos in a new family. His response was, “You wanted it.” A bit cold maybe but he was right. I always wanted to get married and have kids. I saw him having so much fun at it I figured that was the place to be. Now, going on 13 years, it definitely is but there were times things were going so fast I wasn’t sure. Now there are other things besides family that make life hectic. In fact, I’d say now at 45 I am much more busy than I was as 34, I just know better how to manage it. This leads me to my topic: consider the alternative to being overwhelmed. Would you prefer being underwhelmed? When you have no more responsibilities, you are dead … or extremely bored, I’m not sure which is worse. As we get older we have the distinct opportunity to arrange and purchase tools that help us in our duties and challenges. 

My philosophy of life is that most the time we are meeting deadlines but inevitably we get what I call “smooth spots” in the road. This is where we coast. We really taste the coffee. You may have to go through the worst week of your life to get to one, but it does come. In that place, try and be ready because that’s where you get clarity like no other place in life. I’m a huge believer in the positive effects of relaxation. Think of the poor soul with a cardboard sign at the freeway offramp. He’s underwhelmed. Imagine what he would gice to have your stresses: go to the doctor, renew your license, go to a training (a lonnnng training), clean up for company, take the kids to girl scouts, make lesson plans … [fill in your overwhelming things here]. When it comes to this, would you want anything less for your life? Think about it … there will be a time to rest very soon I promise.

Blog Safari 3-24-15

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Sushi and Me

The first time I ever tried sushi was aboard a boat in junior high. My friend’s dad offerred me a slice of California roll. The rice vinegar salty, sweet, filling flavor had me at hello. Since then, sushi has played a significant role as one of my favorite foods. For me, it’s more than just an ethnic flavor, it’s an experience. After high school I picked up a gig at a sushi bar. I’d play for a couple hours and they kept the sushi and beers flowing in between songs. It was a crazy cool time. I got bit by the playing live bug and actually dropped out of college for a couple years to try and “make it” in the music biz. 

During that time, working two jobs made it tough to justify spending large amounts on sushi. I ordered a sushi making kit on the Home Shopping Network and learned about rice vinegar and nori and the ingredients for California rolls. I was a home made sushi making master. Now my family are my biggest “fans.” I settled into teaching public school and missed the music biz bus. I’m actually quite thankful for that. Now when my family goes out for sushi, I get 2 California rolls, 4 Unagis, a caterphillar roll, and a new one each time. I don’t drink beer much anymore but sushi keeps that light in my eyes that used to play 2 hours of tunes for sushi and a bit o tipsy. Magical stuff. If you haven’t tried a California roll, give it a whirl.