Writer’s Workshop: What Sparks Creativity?


1. Write a blog post inspired by the word: sparks

I’m usually pretty quick to come up with creative ideas for blogging and writing. But once in a while, the gears are stuck on frozen. In those cases it helps to finds some inspiration. I went through my flickr collection and found several image examples of the sparks that inspire my own creativity. See if you’ve tried any of them.


Take a trip to Hawaii (or local body of water).


Do a handwritten blog post and take a photo of it instead of typewritten.


Take my kids to the park.


Go to a concert. Last year I saw Foreigner, Willie Nelson, and David Gilmour.


Go to a museum. This display is a powerful lesson found at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.

I’m sure you’ve tried these. Keep looking for those things that spark creativity. Coffee can be a good one, forgot to mention that one!

Now it’s your turn!

Mama's Losin' It

Choose a prompt, post it on your blog, and come back to add your name to the link list below. Be sure to sign up with the actual post URL and not just your basic blog URL (click on the title of your post for that URL). For good comment karma try to comment on the three blogs above your name!!

The Prompts:

1. Write a blog post inspired by the word: sparks
2. Tell about the worst sunburn you ever received. How did that happen?
3. Share something you learned in June.
4. We just celebrated America’s Independence. List 8 things you appreciate most about your freedom.
5. It’s hot, the kids are home and crazy, our pets are panting, the days are long…share your Summer Survival Tips.


Online Diary: ‘My So Much Fun List’

Having so much fun …

Various gravatars I’ve used for blogging 2005 to now
  • Changing my gravatar
  • Blogging daily
  • Spending time with my girls
  • Going on dates with my wife, especially our recent night at the Improv watching Rob Schneider perform.
  • Seeing my pool crystal clear every day and jumping in, the draining and refill was a long time coming.
  • Organizing my garage (Yes it’s true! get a Dumpster it really motivates)
  • Recording podcast episodes with my movie reviewing pal Darren and guests!
  • Listening to new old tunes (Pink Floyd, Joe Satriani) Apple Music enables me to listen to all kinds of music without breaking the bank.
  • Reviewing movies. Of course watching them too. I am tapped into this amazing subculture online of movie reviewers. Not much of us are making money but we celebrate and question each others’ reviews which is the lifeblood of blogging (readers).
  • Watching Netflix
  • Thinking positive thoughts about next year in my classroom.
  • Planning on going to my son’s hurrah for his 18th at the Spaghetti Factory.
  • Magic Mountain
  • Heading to Vegas for 4 nights on Aug 1st. I go back to work for the new year’s contract August 8, and I am ready!

Blogging Goals & Tasks 7/21/2016

profile_2015_hawaiiluau_300pxIn blogging, one thing I’ve learned is that if you have no goals or plan, you’re dead in the water.

Every once in a while, like I assume most successful people do, I have to redjust my goals. I’ve been foloowing and refining my goals for a week now and this is my current list. I’d say I am a bit closer to where I want to be. It takes baby steps sometimes, that’s where typed-out goals and tasks come in handy.


  1. Read other peoples’ blogs. (Primary Goal)
  2. Schedule tweets in GCAL and manually tweet/retweet stuff via WordPress.com blog daily.

Weekly Schedule:

  1. Mon: publish a column. Tag to #MondayBlogs link to “The Daily Post”’s word of the day. Add: #MondayMusings tag and addto – Everyday Gyaan
  2. Tue: Publish Online Diary post, link to “The Daily Post”’s word of the day.
  3. Wed: #WordlessWednesday, link to “The Daily Post”’s weekly photo challenge.
  4. Thu: Write a Movie Review. Tag as #MovieReview @ select director, actors: twitter & do Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop, link to “The Daily Post”’s word of the day.
  5. Fri: Publish Online Diary post, link to “The Daily Post”’s word of the day.
  6. Sat: do Linda Hill’s SoCS, link to “The Daily Post”’s word of the day.
  7. Sun: Write a Movie Review. Tag as #MovieReview @ select director, actors: twitter. If desired, do an optional #SilentSunday photoblog.

Online Diary Entry: ‘I’ve Still Got One More Vegas Trip Planned Post-Improv’ – & some other stuff

online-diarist-at-starbucksI love the way my British friends call vacation a “holiday.” Even though I know they are wrong because holiday actually means “Holy Day,” I think it’s awesome sounding and they don’t mean holy day anyway. I’m so fortunate right now to be doing a podcast with my friend in the UK. He’s great to work with and I think the product we’re coming up with eery week is something to be proud of. It’s a movie based podcast. I have one more “holiday” scheduled before I start my new work contract. Sarah made plans for us to stay in an amazing hotel (actually two different ones) starting August 30th. I think our trip will last 3 days. Then my work begins on the 8th. It’s been an awesome Summer. I’ve gotten rested and ready to do my part for another school year. I’ve minimized my schedule for blogging in the week and started a podcast that is really mellow and non-stressful. I love the movies and reviewing what I see. The podcast is a fun chance to talk about them, just like Siskel and Ebert did on “Sneak Previews” in the 80’s as I was growing up. My blogging and podcasting routine has never been this good, I am quite thankful.

The pool is sparkling. We hired a guy to come out, drain it, acid wash it, and sandblast the oxidation off the tiles. It looks brand new! Well, maybe not that good to everyone but to me it sure does. I get a lot of relaxation from my pool. I grew up swimming in one as well as cleaning it. It feels good now as an adult to have my own pool to relax in nd take care of. Right when I finish writing this diary entry I am going to heat up the jacuzzi and meditate. That’s my “place” where everything stops. I get some of my best ideas there but I can only hope to remember them once I get out. I used to have a little tablet out there to write down thoughts but I decided that adds stress and doesn’t relieve it. I can only speak for myself but I need relaxation time, in fact I need a PRACTICE of it. I’ve blogged about it for years and learned a lot about it. It works well and I can see the difference in my demeanor and in my creative idea count. Still, if I neglect doing it even for a week or so, I feel the bad consequences of that. I’ve learned that being an adult means taking responsibility for ones own health. It’s never easy but you do get “smooth spots” when you put in the time to relax and exercise of course.

Sarah and I went to the Ontario Improv Saturday night to see Rob Schneider do his stand up routine. It was a great night out, a sold out house provides an exciting atmosphere. We had binge-watched his Netflix sitcom the days before so we were a bit let-down that about 70% of his show was verbatim stuff from his tv show. He did however have some new stuff that was truly good. He’s an excellent comic. I’ not sure if I’d pay to see him again though because I feel his humor is just a hair on the anti-woman side. The stuff he says he tells his wife I would never say to Sarah, ie: “I’m not gonna fight with the bitch because I want to keep my house.” It’s funny in a large group and maybe even true but I see my relationship as a kind of precious thing so jokes like that just weren’t that funny. Good for him though trying to make life work his way. He sold out 4 performances that I know of. He’s reaching the people that’s for sure. I found him easy-going which I hope can rub off on me a bit. I can always use more of that.

There was a fight on my street last night. We saw 2 black kids wailing on each other and about 30 other kids hooting and hollering cheering one or the other on. I usually get out and try to break it up but this time after all I’ve been hearing in the news, I didn’t want to risk making my wife a widow by being a good Samaritan. Plus, they had a lot of friends on each side pulling them apart. I think kids are bored. They don’t bother getting in bands and writing songs like I did (and that I hope some do still!). They don’t try for scholarships, they don’t volunteer at homeless shelters. They’re bored and I don’t think it helps that they watch MMA and some other bloody fighting shows regularly on TV. I have no problem with those sports for me but I suspect bored kids don’t know the difference between that and real life fighting with people they hate. I think whites are just as bad as blacks by the way. I have a job where I can reach out to kids and teach them how not to be bored and to have self-esteem. I plan to do as much of that as I can while there is breath in my body.

I’ve made myself a blogging schedule so it is likely I’ll be more regular at my online diary posts. I’ve learned through time that they are different from the Moleskine diary entries because they are PUBLIC. I’m always filtering what I type because someone will probably read this. Not to call myself an artist but I really do see this sort of blog writing an art form. I’ve been passionate about it for many years. Feel free to subscribe to find out what I’m up to with it. I’m very focused on movie reviews but my online diary is still very much at the top of my priorities. Please feel free to leave me a comment or a question if you have one.

I’m linking to the WordPress Daily Post word of the day.