#Diary of Damien: Managing The Folgers Indulgence

Even instant coffee tastes better when you’re working an honest day. I’m not any type of Marlboro man but you could call me the Folgers Teacher. I have purified water, Folgers instant coffee crystals, a microwave, and a plastic spoon to give me that second cup push through the afternoon.

Kids are enough to keep me motivated, it’s just that I am a coffee lover (addict?). I try to go long stretches of time without it to make sure it doesn’t have complete power over me. Those are about a week.

Too much coffee can make one unhealthy though. It does tweak blood pressure and can make one irritable. In the past I’ve been far too liberal in my daily doses. But for those times when all vitals are good, there’s no better indulgence for me than the drink of the dancing goats.

I’m having a great year with my students so far. They are listening and following the lessons very carefully. Who could ask for more. I know someday I will have to cut back in the brown beverage. Until then, it is a very benign indulgence I think. We can all use on of those right?

In addition to being back in the saddle with my job, blogging is also back in full swing up there with other benign indulgences.

#Diary: ‘Adult Me Spends’


As my wife and I were stealing away last Saturday morning to get an omelet at the diner, we saw the previous water heater leaking which we had never seen before since we bought the house 7 years ago. After calling her dad, who is very handy and in the know on these things, we realized the water heater was probably shot and needed replacement.

This rained on our parade about breakfast but we continued to have our eggs. My wfe made a few calls and before we knew it, Roto Rooter was out getting us a free estimate. It is my understanding you should never pay for an estimate on a water heater. We ended up paying the guy to do it and it took a chunk out of oursavings and also a bit off a credit card. Ouch.

We were in the black until this happened and I should be thankful we had a bit f cash and credit to get it done. This is being an adult. You want to spend money on fun shiny tasty stuff but sometimes you have to fork out for household appliances like a water heater. Would I want to be a young person again (18-30 or thereabouts?) No way because then I wasn’t able to save anyway and wasted moeny right and left. I guess I’m glad to be 47 and capable of paying for stuff that breaks around here. Yay adult me. Boo adult me.

Online Diary: ‘4 Photos and Some Words’

New-GlassesI got my “every 2 years” glasses this week and I’m really happy with them. Because Sarah has a vision plan I can get another set after Thanksgiving as well. This is a good pair, I like them, they’re sturdy. For the time I spend reading stuff at work and helping kids with their “in process” writing, I require a good reliable pair of glasses so I guess that’s why I asked my wife to snap this photo so I can remember them when they break. And, to blog about it of course. I’ve been fairly careful with my glasses the past two years. I now have 3 really good pairs but only two that I like the appearance of.

Mobile-OfficeThis is a photo from my mobile office (Starbucks). Because of the fires, school was canceled for 3 days so I sent some time blogging and reading at Starbucks. I was able to do 4 movie reviews this week instead of my usual 3. I really like blogging from Starbucks, though home has its comforts as well. My drink in the photo is a Grande Pike’s Place with 1 pump of classic sugar syrup and a splash of 2% milk. I’ve gotten more crazy about my drinks these days, for 15-20 years I drank pure black unsweetened coffee. It’s a little smoother when you add fun stuff.

Louisiana-Cajun-Seafood-VictorvilleSarah and I had lunch at a new Cajun place. When I say Cajun, I mean authentic: they serve you the food in a bag and you pour it out onto a wax paper tablecloth to consume it. This particular shrimp bag was enough for both of us. Also, it was very spicy. Apparently the Cajun stuff can get fire-breathing hot. Lesson learned. It was still really good. I can’t wait to go there again. You see the corn there, I am a corn on the cob nut. There is nothing better than fresh corn on the cob cooked on the barbecue with some spicy Cajun sauce on it.

Bluecut-fire-VictorvilleThis is a photo I had to pull over and take. It’s the sky in my hometown of Victorville during the Bluecut Fire. I thought we were witnessing the end of the world. There are no filters on this photo and if you can imagine this sky 360 degrees all around me where I was standing. That’s how much soot in the sky the fire produced. All schools in our area were closed due to poor air quality. It was a colorful week all in all and I plan to take more photos in the coming week so I hope you’ll stop by. How was your week? What’s your favorite coffee drink?