Own The Storefront

We are responsible for our success in life no matter how much others may seem responsible, we are the ones it relies upon. I say “Own the storefront” in a tongue in cheek metaphor. Our lives and success are the store front … mind them! Whatever endeavor you seek to do, don’t forget you own the storefront.

Nosferatu: My First Impressions of the Classic Vampire Film

This horror film from 1922 is on any critics must see list. I finally got around to seeing in and in many ways it was much tamer and less scary than I anticipated.

#27 Interview With Darren of Movie Reviews 101

In this one I interview my podcasting mentor and friend from across the pond, Darren Lucas of Movie Reviews 101.
I met Darren through a Stephen King Blogathon he and Movierob were running a couple years ago. Since then, Darren and I have produced a weekly original podcast together called Talking Stars. We’ve been at that for about a year now. I’ve learned much from Darren about blog film criticism and podcasting as well. Of course we have learned a lot together in the process.

I have really apprciated Darren’s calm demeanor as we have planned show topics and communicated with around 10 guests in the past year that we revolve through and are part of our formula for the show.

It is a lot more complicated and rewarding than we both once thought. At least, I think it’s been rewarding for him. He’s a very mild-mannered voice so sometimes I have to guess! Enjoy the interview! In lieu of donation, please leave a comment!

#26 Interview with Kira

Kira is an excellent blog film critic with her eyes set on going to film school. I’m here to tell you this young lady will do it! She’s a valuable part of the Talking Stars and someone I respect so I asked her for an interview and I recorded it for you’re enjoyment. And hey, you just might learn something so listen up! 😉

I am honored to have the chance to interview a colleague in podcasting and someone I consider a friend. She has been such an encouraging presence to Darren and I on Talking Stars and she rises to the occasion when we ask anything of her. She is a remarkable student of film, a clever writer, and an ambitious young woman. That being said, she puts people first and treats everyone with a high level of respect (I feel as if I am writing a letter of recommendation!)

Kira has a lot of great things to say about film criticism and going after ones dreams. At 18, her wisdom belies her youth! I hope you enjoy the interview. The blogathon we mention is at her blog:

Having Kira on the podcast, there was much more to discuss so I hope to have her back again to pick up where we left off.

#25 Life

Listen to me review this film ‘Life’ and give it the no-holds-barred treatment 🙂 Do you agree with me? Below is my written review.

Director Daniel Espinosa has given us a great space action horror flick. There’s a good lesson here too that we’ve seen before in movies like Jurassic Park: Don’t mess with nature.

“A team of scientists aboard the International Space Station discover a rapidly evolving life form, that caused extinction on Mars, and now threatens the crew and all life on Earth.” -IMDB


Jake Gyllenhaal David Jordan
Rebecca Ferguson Miranda North
Ryan Reynolds Rory Adams
Hiroyuki Sanada Sho Murakami

Directed by

Daniel Espinosa

Written by

Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick

Other Info

Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Fri 24 Mar 2017 UTC
IMDB Rating: 7.0

It starts like any other space team film. You might even expect the label predictable. still, if you want a Big Mac, there’s nothing better to satisfy your hunger. People who liked Alien and Gravity will like this film. Scene for scene it’s a lot of the same stuff. Creature is brought aboard, impossible to kill. Yeah. There is an ending eerily similar to Gravity but I will spare you the twist.


This is a great ride. While parts seeem highly borrowed, I chose to enjoy it and let it rock me. I would have liked to have seen something more scientifically illuminating as the trailer and title alluded to. Still it’s a great thriller with horror elements that fans of these genres will enjoy. A lot of work clearly went into this. Too bad it’s a rehashed plot. Most people will enjoy it.


#24 Eliseo and the Way of the Rooster

It was back in 1994 but I remember it me it was yesterday. Working at Pizza Hut late at night with a cook named Eliseo, we learned much about each other including music and culture. We didn’t even have to try because it was mutual respect. Along with truth, there’s some humor in this one (even in the title) I hope you find and enjoy it 🙂

#23 Freaks (1932) Maybe it’s not so bad to be one!

This is just a quick recording of my impressions of the film. I’m not a perfectionist when it comes to podcasting but I keep at it. I have learned the most from forcing myself to record them and putting them out there. I try to keep them relaxed. I’m not 100% there ut one day I hope to sound (and actually be) fully relaxed as I publish a few of these each week, getting better each time as I do it. I hope you enjoy my sarcasm, know it IS there 😉 I’ve included my full review from Riley on Film below which goes a little more detail about “Freaks.” I’m not asking for support in the way folks do on Paterson and PayPal but I do solicit your comments 🙂 They are better than funds! This episode’s running time is 5 mins 30 seconds

This gem was filmed in 1932 and labeled a horror film even with little people from the Wizard of Oz.



“A circus’ beautiful trapeze artist agrees to marry the leader of side-show performers, but his deformed friends discover she is only marrying him for his inheritance.” -IMDB


Wallace Ford Phroso
Leila Hyams Venus
Olga Baclanova Cleopatra
Roscoe Ates (as Rosco Ates) Roscoe

Directed by

Tod Browning

Written by

Clarence Aaron ‘Tod’ Robbins, Willis Goldbeck

Other Info

Drama, Horror
Sat 20 Feb 1932 UTC
IMDB Rating: 7.9

The inclusion of actual freaks from the circus really makes this film special. I doubt they could get away with it these days. From what I understand the film was banned from multitudes of theaters due this sole fact. Despite that, it really isn’t that freakish.

This film has a great story that is developed well though some o the characters are played y non-actors so they are lacking. Even still you truly empathize for the protagonist in his unrequited love and the way the freaks stick together to protect their own is where the horror comes in.

A “small person” falls in love with a regular woman and later his friends find out she is only trying for his inheritance. There is a come uppance.

This film has been compared to 2014’s Tusk probably because of the freaks involved. The ending must be seen for anyone who admires the Kevin Smith film. If nothing else, I would hope there is a borrowing nod going on here. This is an old old oldie and a horror film so not for everyone. If you don’t mind however, I recommend it to you. For what it tried to be at the time given the low tech it had, I give it a perfect score.



#22 Celebrating MovieRob’s 3000th Review

MovieRob is the first person I’ve had on this podcast for an interview. I sat down with him this second time to talk movies and blog film criticism once again and I can’t say enough good about him. This episode’s main purpose is to commemorate his 3000th review.
MovieRob is a tireless blog film critic and an outstanding person. In addition to recording an in-depth interview with him, I gathered and included audio messages from Rob’s fellow blog critics. They are inspirational as they show the impact he’s had on many people. I also read text messages people sent me regarding for Rob’s milestone. I really enjoyed speaking with him last night for this show. I asked him an example of a good and bad film and we did a “Whatchya Been Watching” at the end of the episode. That makes for 3 mini film reviews from him and one from me.

MovieRob is the first person I’ve had on this podcast for an interview. I sat down with him this second time to talk movies and blog film criticism once again and I can’t say enough good about him. This episode’s main purpose is to commemorate his 3000th review. Happy 3000th review MovieRob, here’s to many more!

MovieRob can be found on the internet at these places:

Blog: https://movierob.wordpress.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealMovieRob

One more thing! A big thank you goes out to Rob for allowing me to interview him on this special occasion. I have more exciting interviews coming in April including actress, blogger, and podcaster Kira Comerford and my cohort in podcasting and movie criticism Darren Lucas. These guests are substantial because I’ve learned and grown with them for a year on the Talking Stars Podcast. These should be incredible interviews about movies, podcasting, blogging, acting? and blog film criticism. Stay tuned!

#21 At The Movies 3-13-2017

This is me talking to you about the best and worst that’s playing at my theater tonight. I love movies so this is a fun topic for me. Running time is 7:39.

Since I see and review a lot of movies, I could see this becoming a series on my podcast.

My movie blog is at: Riley Film Reviews where you’ll find my extended reviews of these and many other films. If you stop by, be sure and leave me a  hello in the comments. I will buy you a castle if you do so.

Films covered:

Kong Skull Island



Enjoy the Day!


#20 Movierob Interview and ‘Take Shelter’ Review

In this, my first time interviewing someone on my podcast, I sat down with Movierob. He is one of my blog film critic heroes. I know he is to many others as well.

I was so happy when he agreed to be on my podcast. In addition to interviewing him, we had a chance to chat about the surrealistic film: ‘Take Shelter.”

To the fans of Movierob (including me) I am collecting voicemails to be played on a future podcast. In a similar way the LAMBcast does it, record a sound file on your phone, stating congratulations and random messages for Rob. Please email them to me at rileycentral@gmail.com to be played on my episode highlighting his achievement of 3000 reviews.