#21 At The Movies 3-13-2017

This is me talking to you about the best and worst that’s playing at my theater tonight. I love movies so this is a fun topic for me. Running time is 7:39.

Since I see and review a lot of movies, I could see this becoming a series on my podcast.

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Films covered:

Kong Skull Island



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#20 Movierob Interview and ‘Take Shelter’ Review

In this, my first time interviewing someone on my podcast, I sat down with Movierob. He is one of my blog film critic heroes. I know he is to many others as well.

I was so happy when he agreed to be on my podcast. In addition to interviewing him, we had a chance to chat about the surrealistic film: ‘Take Shelter.”

To the fans of Movierob (including me) I am collecting voicemails to be played on a future podcast. In a similar way the LAMBcast does it, record a sound file on your phone, stating congratulations and random messages for Rob. Please email them to me at rileycentral@gmail.com to be played on my episode highlighting his achievement of 3000 reviews.

PREVIEW of my interview with THE one and only Movierob

I’m promoting an interview with Movierob that will show up in the next episode of my podcast. I hope you can check out the interview, Movierob is a blog film critic to learn from! Enjoy my promo video, its less than 2 minutes. Hope you can also listen to the interview which will be longer. Thanks!

The Damien Riley Podcast #19 – Freedom and Activism in ‘Anthropoid’ & ‘The Grapes of Wrath’

In this podcast, I address some important parallels in two films I really enjoy: Anthropoid and The Grapes of Wrath. I talk about the way freedom and activism weave throughout. Below is a carbon coby of my Anthropoid review published today on ‘Riley Film Reviews

I hope you get a chance to enjoy these two films. Please leave me a comment, thank in advance, enjoy the day.

Biography films can be long and even boring sometimes. This is a break from that mold. We see the Czechs go after Hitler’s third man in charge. They call him the butcher. What seems an impossible task becomes a tenacious one and as Cillian Murphy’s character says “We are Czechs, we will never surrender!”


“Based on the extraordinary true story of Operation Anthropoid, the WWII mission to assassinate SS General Reinhard Heydrich, the main architect behind the Final Solution and the Reich’s third in command after Hitler and Himmler.” -IMDB


Jamie Dornan Jan Kubis
Cillian Murphy Josef Gabcík
Brian Caspe Antonín
Karel Hermánek Jr. Ignác

Directed by

Sean Ellis

Written by

Sean Ellis, Anthony Frewin

Other Info

Biography, History, Thriller, War
Fri 09 Sep 2016 UTC
IMDB Rating: 7.2

Director Sean Ellis who gave us the funny and sexy Cashback., really made a sideline here for a gritty, violent biography. I don’t usually gravitate toward these films but I’m glad I did this time. A slow starter, this film does pick up with a passion and takes the audience along for a helluva ride.

Cillian Murphy plays the lead role. He’s an assassin from the resistance against Hitler. He sets out to kill Hitler’s third in command, after Himmler. Jamie Dornan also gives a powerful performance as the accomplice. Viewers may remember him from the not so stunning Fifty Shades of Grey.

The story is about a pair of Czechs whose country has been decimated by Hitler and his cronies. They set out to assassinate the third in command who has been put in charge of terrorizing and occupying Czechoslovakia . The hit many walls along their journey and the end is a scene of bittersweet historical fact.

I really liked this film in the way it presented the characters in a slow way but sped up during certain exciting scenes which kept my interest. It’s a must see for fans of World War Two films with an emphasis on the horrors of Hitler. I recommend it to historians and casual biography watchers alike. There are times it does go a little slow and I didn’t truly embrace the way the ending was presented even though I liked it very much.