#21 At The Movies 3-13-2017

This is me talking to you about the best and worst that’s playing at my theater tonight. I love movies so this is a fun topic for me. Running time is 7:39.

Since I see and review a lot of movies, I could see this becoming a series on my podcast.

My movie blog is at: Riley Film Reviews where you’ll find my extended reviews of these and many other films. If you stop by, be sure and leave me a ¬†hello in the comments. I will buy you a castle if you do so.

Films covered:

Kong Skull Island



Enjoy the Day!


PREVIEW of my interview with THE one and only Movierob

I’m promoting an interview with Movierob that will show up in the next episode of my podcast. I hope you can check out the interview, Movierob is a blog film critic to learn from! Enjoy my promo video, its less than 2 minutes. Hope you can also listen to the interview which will be longer. Thanks!