#20 Movierob Interview and ‘Take Shelter’ Review

In this, my first time interviewing someone on my podcast, I sat down with Movierob. He is one of my blog film critic heroes. I know he is to many others as well.

I was so happy when he agreed to be on my podcast. In addition to interviewing him, we had a chance to chat about the surrealistic film: ‘Take Shelter.”

To the fans of Movierob (including me) I am collecting voicemails to be played on a future podcast. In a similar way the LAMBcast does it, record a sound file on your phone, stating congratulations and random messages for Rob. Please email them to me at rileycentral@gmail.com to be played on my episode highlighting his achievement of 3000 reviews.

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        1. You’re welcome. There is another article out there on what each lighting color means. I’ll keep looking for it. There is a lot to be read into that film.

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