Nurturing Your Inner Strength

20120916-115431.jpgWhen we get upset, our core values are often forgotten. There is a lot of value in “Staying cool under pressure.” To do this, we need to be in touch with that inner core, the place where we can truly listen to core values. Meditation and relaxation are great ways to get familiar with our inner core. When we spend enough time quiet with our self, I’m theory we can handle problems better and come out peaceful on the other side.

Jealousy, frustration, and anger are all negative emotions. The can prevent you from thinking clearly. Worse, they can cause you to say things you regret which can push loved ones away or alienate acquaintances. You can avoid this for the most part by nurturing your inner world. Taking time to relax every day is like building a house of refuge for yourself. You can visit there any time you like, especially when life and relationships challenge your personal peace.

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