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This song has quite a story. I grew up listenng to the 80’s arena band The Alarm. In 1991 I saw Dave Sharp, their guitarist, playing an acoustic gig at the Coach House 1991 near my hometown in San Juan Capistrano, It was an amazing show, he reminded me of a cross between the Clash and Bob Dylan. Since he is a huge influence on my guitar playing, I presented him with a business proposition after the show. He agreed to co-produce and play lead guitar on this song: People. What you hear is what we made in the studio in the month that followed. It was a life changing time for me, and we would later work with him again on another song called Talk to Me. Dave is on lead guitar and backup vocals. It’s basically a song abou the people that exist in all of our minds, whether real or not. We hold an ideal and reach for it. Here are a few Dave Sharp videos. He is an unreal talent and one day I will write at length about the time I spent with him. To me, I had achieved greatness when he accepted my offer to work with us.

I want to note that at the time this was recorded we paid Dave $500 bucks, my band that is. It consisted at that time of Jeff Koclanis, Sean Teer, and Jack Kilby. We played some local shows and mostly practiced more than played. We did do a pay-to-play show once and I asked family friend Gwen Stefani to come see us. As was normal for me then, I tried an embarassing move on stage trying to be like Michael Stipe.Let me explain, he would sometimes change his clothes down to biker shorts onstage during a show. Tupid me … needless to say, we never got huge but my friend Gwennie said it was “cute.” Bless her charitable soul. This is a photo at her Dad’s birthday party many years back (when my beard was brown). Gwen is a wonderful lifelong friend. Our parents were best friends in college and that is how I know her. When I was teaching in Santa Ana on an emergency credential and staying alive through coffee and carbs, she told me that she wished she were doing that. I’ll never forget that. She was just starting to hit big with “Don’t Speak.” I thought she was everyone’s envy and she said that to me. That’s who Gwen is to me, like family. I’ve included here in my notes because of that show, that fateful odd and humiliating show. Later at another show I would open for Dave at the Coach House and realize music perhaps wasn’t the best road I could choose.Damien Riley and Gwen Stefani


Where do the people Live
Where do the people roam
Where do the people live
Where do they call their home?
They must live far, far away

People are on my mind
On storms in the the abyss
I hope that they survive
I know that they exist
They must be far, far away

Been searching high and low
Everywhere I mean to go
Hope I meet someone real
I want to know how the people feel

Where do the people Live
Where do the people roam
What do the people ask
Where do them people know?
They must know far, far away

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